Very Early Buck down for Team Aim Low, by Robin Parks

On August 9, Aim Low Productions field staffer Chet Maxcy took advantage of the new regulations in FL that would allow him to hunt during the very early south FL rut for the first time ever.  With Charlie Peck behind the camera, enounters with a nice buck out of range two mornings in a row prompted them to move in closer with a ground blind.  The plan payed off the next morning when the buck chased does in the march in front of their blind and then came to within 30 yards.  Chet used his Hot Shot Infinity release to make a perfect shot on the nice buck that weighed an impressive 155 lbs.  Congrats to Chet and Charlie for a nice buck and some great video footage long before most of us are still dreaming of whitetail hunting!

Chet's nice FL buck

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