Welcome to Hot Shot!

Although Hot Shot Manufacturing has been a part of the archery industry for four decades, it’s latest incarnation under Owner Dave White is a far cry from the original products. In fact, since purchasing the company in 2008, White has reinvented Hot Shot Manufacturing and their current release aids have quickly garnered a loyal following amongst top target shooters and bowhunters alike. The reasons for such a meteoric rise are many but one stands out - Hot Shot releases are the best. Period.

Top-level engineering coupled with high-grade materials and a propensity to push the envelope on overall quality have brought Hot Shot releases into the forefront of the archery industry. Whether it’s the stout Nano, the Stan Potts Signature Series, the Eclipse, Tempest or New-for-2014 Vapor all feature steel components, sleek and comfortable designs with ultra smooth, super-crisp triggers and extremely competitive price points. Every detail of each release aid has been dissected, tested, engineered, and finally finished to culminate in a product that offers what archers need most - accuracy, adjustability and dependability!

We’re not just about release aids! It doesn’t matter if you’re a weekend whitetail hunter, a hardcore western elk junkie, or a spot shooter that lives and breathes by fractions of an inch; you need to shoot the best equipment for your shooting style. Whether it’s releases, peep sights, kisser buttons, wraps or any of our other numerous accessories, Hot Shot’s line of products is born of equal parts innovation, demand for quality, and acceptance of nothing less than near perfection, and if that sounds like a bold claim to make, put us to the test. Toe the line with any of Hot Shot’s 2014 offerings and see for yourself. We’re confident you’ll shoot tighter groups and feel an unprecedented level of comfort and confidence with every shot.

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Dave White