Nano PostTM

Nano-Post Velcro

Nano Post Velcro

Nano-Post Buckle

Nano Post Buckle

Nano-Post Lost Camo

Nano Post Lost Camo

 Product Description

Available in three wrist strap designs the Hot SHot NANO POST is unmatched by any other release aid on the market. State-of-the-art engineering and machining processes with Aerospace pedigress have been employed to make the NANO POST the most reliablem smoothest, easiset to use, hardest wearing and most adjustable release aid available on the market today.

Leaving little to chance is what differentiates a good hunter from a great hunter, and great hunters understand every piece of equipment should perform flawlessly under any condition, That's why serious bowhunters choose Hot Shot's NANO POST release.


buynow.png Nano Buckle

Nano Buckle

buynow.png Nano Velcro

Nano Velcro

buynow.png Nano Lost Camo

Nano Lost Camo

 Product Description

Loaded with shooter-friendly features the release head of the Nano is a full 30-percent smaller than Hot’s Shot’s flagship index finger release, the Infinity. By trimming the fat the Nano results in a compact, user friendly design that’s not only aesthetically pleasing, that’s also less obtrusive in the field.

Using Hot Shots “Lever-Link” trigger the Nano affords less trigger creep for a crisp shot and precise trigger pull upon every shot. This stronger and more reliable actuating mechanism features less friction than traditional roller bearings and provides little opportunity for dirt and debris to enter the release and affect function. As with all Hot Shot index finger release aids the trigger and internal components are comprised of a proprietary alloy that is essentially “self lubricating”, a feature that further promotes ultra-smooth function from this micro-masterpiece. Don’t let a small name fool you into thinking the this release lacks top end characteristics.

The Nano’s trigger tension and travel is easily adjustable by way of a single allenhead set screws. For those moments that necessitate a speedy hookup with precise string alignment the Nano features Hot Shot’s Cat’s Eye hook that ensures you can get on your string without complication at the moment of truth. An improved nylon tether system utilizes Hot Shot’s new and improved synch-plate system that eliminates release head slippage and promotes greater ability to adjust your releases distance to your exact specification and position. Bolstering three strap options - Black Leather Buckle, Lost Camo Buckle, and Black Leather Velcro the Nano is versatile in it’s fit and function with an option to suit any bowhunter out there. This release may be small but it’s  performance is big and ready to prove itself in the field this season.

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buynow.png  Vapor Release

Vapor Release

Product Description

Most release manufacturers will never try to build a handheld, thumb-triggered release to market toward bowhunters because it is not an easy task, even though there are a lot of bowhunters that would shoot better in the field with this style of release. Enter the new Vapor, which is available with a three- or four-finger handle, a fully-adjustable thumb barrel, and is perfect for archery hunters looking to be able to shoot with precision where it matters most – in the woods. To further enhance the hunting experience, each Vapor is built with a unique, zero noise internal actuating system that is whisper quiet. An automatic closing jaw and no trigger set requirements guarantee that the Vapor is always ready to shoot, meaning there will be no fumbling at the moment of truth when a bruiser buck cruises by or a ticked-off bull elk charges in to your calling set up. In homage to its target archery pedigree, each Vapor features an ultra-crisp, adjustable tension trigger.

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buynow.png Eclipse 4-Finger 5500

Eclipse 4-Finger 5500

buynow.png Eclipse 3-Finger 5550

Eclipse 3-Finger 5550



Product Description

With it’s enhanced handle curve, the Eclipse is secure and stable during draw, anchors rock-solid and provides exceptional leverage while squeezing off the shot allowing it to fall easily into the “great release” category. A kin to its predecessors, the Eclipse boasts additional surface area on the handle for unparalleled comfort eliminating finger tingle, numbness and dead hand. Hot Shot’s exclusive 2-Thirds™ case design is once again employed to ensure each internal part stays in place to eliminate sear misalignment and misfires. Using only the highest quality materials, the Eclipse’s case is precision milled from high-grade aluminum for extreme durability and anodized with a textured, flat black finish that created a unparalleled grip and a bad-ass, stealth look on the target line or in the treestand.

Available in three and four finger models the Eclipse offers dual-locking screw adjustment for trigger travel and trigger tension, while a multiple axis thumb post permits exceptional adjustment for projection, tilt and distance adjustment for an exact fit to any hand size or shooting style.

For 2012, we have upgraded our internal components to improve sear interaction for and even smoother, crisper shot than ever experienced before while still using Hot Shot’s exclusive Titanium-Diamond Nitride™ coating and hardening process. This exclusive process yields stronger parts with 60-percent less friction than 440 Stainless Steel while pledging the hook and sear system won’t exhibit any brittleness under even the most extreme working conditions. This year, shoot lights out with a Hot Shot Eclipse.

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buynow.png Tempest 4-Finger 5350

Tempest 4-Finger 5350

buynow.png Tempest 3-Finger 5300

Tempest 3-Finger 5300



Product Description

The Tempest is designed for those who understand how important a quality release can be while perched in a tree stand or judging the distance to the 40th 3-D target of the day. An example of designing for perfect ergonomic fit, the Tempest boasts additional surface area on the handle for unparalleled comfort. The Tempest exclusive 2-Thirds™ case design means each internal part stays in place and eliminates sear misalignment and misfires. Three and Four finger models offer single-screw adjustment for trigger travel and trigger tension, while the multiple axis thumb post adjustment allows for projection, tilt and distance adjustment equalling an exact-fit to any hand size or shooting style.

The Tempest’s silky-smooth and ultra-crisp internal mechanism and hook boast Hot Shot’s exclusive Titanium-Diamond Nitride™ coating and hardening process that equal stronger parts with 60-percent less friction than 440 Stainless Steel. This process pledges a hook and sear system that won’t exhibit any brittleness under even the most extreme working temperatures from the Canadian Tundra to the Dunes of the Sahara.

By definition, a Tempest is a violent commotion, disturbance or tumult. Our new T-handle release of the same name is sure to make an equal impression on the archery industry.

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buynow.png X-Tacy 4-Finger 5250 

X-Tacy 4-Finger 5250

buynow.png X-Tacy 4 Finger Large 

X-Tacy 4-Finger Large

buynow.png X-Tacy 3-Finger 5200 

X-Tacy 3-Finger 5200

buynow.png X-Tacy Smooth 

X-Tacy Smooth

Product Description

Winning shots don’t come easily, and when it comes to shootability nothing rivals the new Hot Shot X-tacy. The ergonomically correct, three and four finger handles feature critical surface area on the inside. This eliminates pinch points, for comfortable shooting through every end of a weeknight league or while toeing the line in Vegas. Because of its sleek and streamlined design, the X-tacy can be held deep in the hand or further out on your fingers while still remaining comfortableeliminating numb and tingling fingers, even after hours of shooting.

The X-tacy’s unique Patent Pending Bow Tie Moon™ features three click speeds designed to fit the energy level and style of any shooter. Swift adjustment of the moon is accomplished by a single set-screw making easy work of dialing the X-tacy in for 10-ring repeatability.

Serious archers understand that their influence during release can make or break a round- that’s why spotties and 3-D shooters alike will appreciate the X-tacy’s super-crisp firing mechanism. Hot Shot’s exclusive Titanium-Diamond Nitride™ coating and hardening process offers stronger parts with 60-percent less friction than 440 Stainless Steel and ensures the hook and seer won’t exhibit any brittleness under even the most extreme working temperatures while still functioning flawlessly no matter what.

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